Metin Tütün

Photography / Sculpture

Framing the dance of light and shadow in his nude photographs, he further persues his experiments in sculpture using stone and clay. He believes that being able to use different forms of arts collectively and to draw on the powerful synergy of photography and sculpture are purely an exciting experience. He enjoys involving and uniting clay or stone, in light and shadow..

Exhibitions :

October, 2014 – “When Shadows RetreatPersonal Exhibition, Gama Gallery, Istanbul

November, 2014 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair 2016, Istanbul

April, 2015 – OGAD Mixed Exhibition, Istanbul

November, 2015 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair 2015, Istanbul

February, 2016 – “The Traces of Don Quixote” International Mixed Exhibition,Contemporary Art Center, Ankara

March, 2016 – “When Shadows Retreat-II ” Personal Exhibition , Gallery Cat, Izmir

June, 2016 – “The Traces of Don Quixote” International Mixed Exhibition, Sevket Sabancı Museum, Bodrum

April, 2017 – “Imaginary Manifest” OGAD Mixed Exhibition, Istanbul
October, 2017 – “The Blues” Personal Exhibition, Gama Gallery, Istanbul

November, 2017 – Fotofever Art Fair Paris2017, with Gama Gallery, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

March, 2018 – ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair with Gama Gallery, Ankara

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