“Could one launch an exhibition with these photographs?”

Metin’s question was extremely humble. In fact his work was special and set itself apart from work done in this field so far. This is because he started off from two dimensional photographs and took them to a three dimensional form.
In his photographic work, he not only recognised the female body through its plastic values, lines and light, but he made the viewer feel these. He then touched the clay, using his hand and his mind with which he used to take these photographs, giving the clay a new dimension in art. Similar to “Mother Earth”, he created the “Earthen Body”…
It is very important to know the language of the nude, to recognise that language and to promote it. The body is beautiful with its intrinsic values. The body arouses appreciation in the viewer when it is combined with aesthetics. This is a delicate issue and there is no room in it for errors.
The mathematical order of the human body originating from the creation has found a new form with light and clay in Metin’s work. Light, the main source of the language of photography has leaped onto the art of sculpture and acquired a new dimension in his work. Works of art where photography has been evaluated simultaneously with sculpture are few and far between.
In order for the naked body to transform into a work of art it has to be conveyed within plastic values, clad in an aesthetic form and communicated with the language of light. But we cannot simply call Metin’s photographs, photographs of the “nude”. That is because he has clothed his photographs in clay, as it were. His photographs have been taken with and worked through an awareness that is to take shape with clay.
When we look at the photographs, we see courage and an artful sacrifice in the gaze of the models rather than apprehension. Behind that gaze there is the strong trust in art and rapport between the model and the artist.
Naked light, naked body, naked earth. All have been transformed into the clothing of art in Metin’s hands. All we have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Alberto Modiano
August 2014
(*) I have devoted a certain period of my photographic life to the theme of “The Nude in Turkish Photography”. As a result of my study and at the end of a challenging and somewhat exhausting period, my work developed into a lasting album. It is the first and only work in Turkish photography focusing on this theme. This work led to my meeting Metin at a time when I had concluded this research adventure and was in search of new horizons. We met through mutual friends and he shared his work with me. He finally asked me that question… A. Modiano


Tribute to Man Ray and Kiki

I am a graduate of METU (Middle East Technical University) Department of Electrical Engineering. I have worked for many years as an engineer and manager. My close friends are very familiar with my love of music and passion for the Beatles. I play the guitar and have been taking photographs for over 20 years. While I left my days as an engineer/manager behind, art came to the fore front in my life. I have also moved towards sculpture after music and photography.
“Ingres’s Violin” is a well-known photograph of one of the 20th century’s leading photographers, namely Man Ray, where he transformed the body of a woman into a violin. The model for the photograph was “Kiki of Montparnasse” who juxtaposed herself between being a model and an artist.
When sculpture entered my life in addition to photography, this photograph, which I love very much, became my source of inspiration. Thus, Kiki became my model too, as far back as a hundred years ago.
The name of the exhibition is taken from the wonderful novel by our beloved Cahide Birgul who passed away a few years ago.
I have my signature under the photographs and sculptures at the exhibition.
But there are so many encouraging, guiding contributions of artists and art enthusiast friends of mine opening new horizons for me… I wish I could add their signatures under the photographs and sculptures displayed at this exhibition…
I extend my tribute to Man Ray and Kiki and send my love to all my friends who have joined my enthusiasm, who have given me a helping hand for this exhibition.
metin tütün


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